Baltimore Casual Encounters

Searching for casual encounters in Baltimore? Worry not, we’re here to help! We’ve gone the extra mile, joining and evaluating over 120 casual encounter platforms to bring you the best of the best. We’ve whittled it down to these top three sites, guaranteeing that you’ll find a no-strings-attached hookup in a snap. Check out these go-to sites that Baltimore residents have turned to for casual flings now that Craigslist’s casual encounters section is off the table.

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How to Get in on It

Crab cakes, the Orioles, the birthplace of the national anthem — Baltimore is known for many things. One of Baltimore’s mottos is “get in on it.” When you think about it, that is quite appropriate for a city such as this.

Once the second largest city and second busiest port in the United States (currently 30th), Baltimore has obviously undergone many changes. Fortunately, it’s most recent changes include a rediscovery of the city and successful gentrification of many of its most iconic neighborhoods. With such a rebirth, a huge surge in dating and, yes, casual encounters, is to be expected. That is definitely a good reason to “get in on it.”

With a burgeoning services industry, the aforementioned gentrification, and the fact that it is just 40 miles away from Washington DC and 20 miles from Annapolis, Baltimore offers a wealth of opportunities for meeting people for casual encounters. The population is diverse and lively.

Under such circumstances, you would think that Baltimore casual encounters must be really easy to come by — that they would be a piece of cake, or piece of crab cake to be more precise. While it is true that the people, atmosphere, and cultural lifestyle of Baltimore residents make it an ideal place to find a partner for a casual encounter, that does not mean that you can simply go out on the street or walk into a bar and expect to spend that evening with someone new in your bed. Yes, it could happen — but you would stand a much better chance if you had a little help. The key to finding Baltimore casual encounters swiftly and repeatedly is by leveraging the power that is offered to you by online dating and hookup sites.

For those of you who have had success with online hookup sites in other cities, you will likely not need much convincing of this fact. However, if you happen to be one of those individuals who feel that hookup sites never work or that they are for losers — therefore not for you — allow us to dispel those myths, especially when they come to Baltimore casual encounters.

— Breaking Through Baltimore’s Compartmentalization —

One of the nicknames of Baltimore is “the city of neighborhoods.” By one count, the city has over 72 distinct neighborhoods or districts. Each one has its own character. This means that a lot of dating and hooking up takes place between people within a group of nearby neighborhoods. Most residents of the Baltimore area don’t venture too far from their home base.

What does this mean for you when your main interest is landing a Baltimore casual encounter? It means that if you want to make yourself available to the largest number of potential partners possible you would either have to spend weeks socializing in each of the different sectors of the city or you could simply use one of the three most popular dating platforms for Baltimore casual encounters.

Most reasonable people would choose the latter option. It is faster, much less expensive and safer.

— More Women Than Men —

The population of the greater Baltimore area is comprised of just over 55 percent women. When you first read that statistic, if you are a single man, you might be inclined to start celebrating.

While it is a positive ingredient when it comes to the “secret sauce” required for successful Baltimore casual encounters, the fact that there are more women than men in Baltimore cannot be taken for granted — especially if you are just visiting Baltimore or have recently moved there.

The reason for this is that even though there are more women than men, established male residents of Baltimore have grown up with that fact and have adapted to it. That means that in terms of dating patterns, Baltimore men tend to be more nurturing of their relationships with women, therefore, keeping many of them out of circulation when it comes to the casual encounters scene.

Again, this is another area where online hookup sites will help you cut to the chase. Baltimore women that are interested in casual encounters are, according to some studies, 40 percent more likely to use a hookup site than women in other cities across the United States.

What should this tell you? Well, look at it this way. When you want to find food you go to the supermarket. When you want to drink water you go to a fountain. When you want to find Baltimore casual encounters you should go to a hookup site.

— The Best Hookup Sites for Baltimore Casual Encounters —

Now that your eyes have been opened or your initial suspicions confirmed, you are probably asking yourself, “what hookup site should I use to find a Baltimore casual encounter?”

As in every region of the world, the residents of Baltimore have developed and demonstrated a preference for certain hookup sites over others. This means that if you are serious about Baltimore casual encounters you must be willing to join and use the sites that the people in Baltimore are using.

If you are from out of town and you have been successfully using a particular hookup site, be aware that your site might not be as popular in Baltimore. Therefore, before visiting or moving to Baltimore you should have an open mind toward new hookup sites.

With this in mind, here are the three most popular and effective hookup sites for casual encounters in Baltimore.

1. AdultFriendFinder

Baltimore Casual Sex Site 1 AFF

If you are seeking a casual encounter you are probably already familiar with the site known as AdultFriendFinder. Commonly referred to simply as AFF, this site has been the go-to platform for finding open-minded adults for casual encounters for over two decades. It should, therefore, be no surprise that it is one of the sites heavily favored by locals in Baltimore.

As of mid-2018, AFF has over 85 million registered users worldwide. While Baltimore ranks 30th in terms of population among cities in the United States, when you measure the number of Baltimore residents who are active users of AdultFriendFinder, you will find that they come in 9th place within the AFF membership rolls. There are an estimated 60,000 active AFF users from the greater Baltimore area.

If you have used AFF in other areas of the world, undoubtedly you are familiar with how effective of a site it can be in terms of helping you find partners for casual encounters. Imagine how much more successful you will be using AdultFriendFinder in one of its top 10 U.S. markets.

AFF has one of the best search and filtering engines for finding suitable partners. When used in Baltimore this can help you in two ways. First, it will help you find partners who are into the same “things” that you are. This could be everything from specific sexual fetishes, fantasies, or lifestyles. AdultFriendFinder is very diverse and inclusive when it comes to open-minded and casual adult fun.

This means that while in Baltimore you will be able to find a like-minded adult for exactly the sort of fun that you want. Also, by virtue of the fact that you are able to filter prospective partners and approach only those with whom you share a desire or kink with, you avoid the awkwardness that sometimes comes when you use other sites that may be effective at bringing people together but that fail to properly segment them by what they are into and what they desire.

The second way that the extensive search and filtering capabilities of AFF come to bear on Baltimore casual encounters is how they allow you to scour as large or as small a section of Baltimore that you feel is prudent. For example, if you are only visiting Baltimore for a day or two, you would probably do better if you only search for compatible partners in the immediate neighborhoods where you will be staying. Likewise, if your stay is more prolonged — or if you are a newly arrived resident of Baltimore — then you can have the luxury of amplifying your search to include more areas of the city. This blends well with what was mentioned earlier about the residents of Baltimore keeping casual encounters and hookups as close to their home neighborhood as possible.

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2. Ashley Madison

Baltimore Casual Sex Site 2 AshleyMadison

Ashley Madison shares something in common with Baltimore. They have both managed to emerge from difficulty with style and grace. In the case of a Baltimore, this can be seen in the way that the city is experiencing a Renaissance. With Ashley Madison, this can be exemplified by the way that it survived a hack in 2015 that would have brought an end to any other platform. Fortunately for the world, Baltimore is prospering and Ashley Madison is now one of the most secure casual encounter platforms on the internet.

Prior to 2015, Ashley Madison marketed itself as a cheating site. It did not mince any words, its tagline at the time was “life is short, have an affair.” Today, Ashley Madison continues to be a site dedicated to facilitating extramarital affairs and cheating, but it has assumed a much more sophisticated and discerning style. In Baltimore, as in many other cities, this has led to an increase in the number of Ashley Madison members.

Users of Ashley Madison in the Baltimore area are bolstered by the fact that they are so close to Washington D.C. and Annapolis. By simply amplifying your search and availability zone to reach out 50 miles, you suddenly not only have the estimated 28, 000 Ashley Madison members from the greater Baltimore area, but you also have at your disposal the additional 75,000 Ashley Madison members that come from Washington D.C., Annapolis, and other surrounding areas.

You should also be aware that when it comes to finding women for Baltimore casual encounters Ashley Madison is a great platform because there are so many genuine women on the site. This is largely due to the fact that Ashley Madison allows women to join the site for free. However, as some of you may be aware, simply giving women free membership to a site does not ensure a positive user experience. Often times this can result in large numbers of fake profiles being created or profiles being abandoned by the women that created them. Fortunately, this is not the case with Ashley Madison. Even though there is free membership for women, the site does a very good job at vetting new members to make sure that they are genuinely interested in using and engaging the service.

Men must pay to use the services of the Ashley Madison platform. However, unlike other dating and hook up sites, Ashley Madison employs a pay as you go model. That means that men are not stuck having to pay monthly fees. This is quite convenient and economical. For instance, let’s say that you will be going to Baltimore on business a couple of times a month. Instead of having to pay for continuous use of Ashley Madison even when you are not using the platform, you would only be paying for when you are using the service to find Baltimore casual encounters. The rest of the time you would be “off the meter,” so to speak.

In Baltimore, Ashley Madison really shines in terms of the quality of people that use the site. You will be able to find potential casual partners from a wide range of age groups, interests, and backgrounds. When you take all of these facts into consideration, you can see why Ashley Madison is one of the top sites for finding casual encounters in Baltimore.

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3. Instabang

Quick Hookups in Baltimore

Another popular platform for finding Baltimore casual encounters is known as Instabang. In less than two years, Instabang has exploded in popularity with those living in Baltimore and its surrounding areas.

The site itself is nonpretentious. It is upfront about its purpose. Its focus is entirely on casual relationships. This means that its members are all in sync regarding what they are looking for — there is no BS on Instabang.

Depending on where you live, Instabang may or may not be as popular in your area. We are fairly confident that in due course Instabang will have a loyal and substantial following in every major city in the United States — not just Baltimore.

The platform and user interface for Instabang is uncomplicated and very intuitive to use. Many people prefer this level of simplification especially when it comes to finding casual encounters. It makes going through many profiles a much less tiresome process.

The fact that the Instabang platform is so simple does not mean that it is any less effective. This is because the vast majority of the members of Instabang actively engages on the platform. This creates a community that is vibrant and active. While on other hookup sites the process of looking for potential partners can consume a lot of your time and energy, on Instabang you can evaluate dozens, or even hundreds, of potential partners in a matter of minutes. Instabang recognizes that its members want a short and casual fling, not a soulmate for marriage.

When it comes to the greater Baltimore area, the gender ratio of Instabang members is approximately 60 percent male to 40 percent female. Those figures are considered excellent for finding frequent casual encounters.

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— Where to Take Your Casual Dates in Baltimore —

Having established how ideal of a city Baltimore is for casual dating, it would stand to reason that you would be curious as to what there is to do with a casual date in Baltimore. For all of you comedians out there, we are not referring to the ideal and obvious culmination of a casual date — we all know what that is — we are talking about what to do, where to go before your casual encounter intensifies to a moment of heat and passion.

After all, no matter how no-strings-attached your casual encounter is going to be, you still need a place to meet, some place to have a few drinks, grab a bite to eat — you know, the preamble to the “bedroom rumble.” Fortunately, Baltimore has many things going for it in this regard as well.

Being situated right on the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore has a popular and lively waterfront. You will have many places to choose from for dining and drinking located there. Also, the overall friendliness of the people of Baltimore creates an ambiance that is both laid-back and welcoming. Some refer to this as a combination of northern modernity with southern hospitality.

This means that unlike other cities, in Baltimore you are not going to encounter poor service regardless of where you go. Also, the sheer number of establishments means that you will rarely encounter long lines. You will find that making reservations is painless compared to, let us say, Washington D.C. which is just 40 miles away. In Baltimore, you stand an excellent chance of finding a reservation with relatively short notice in even its most popular of places. This is excellent when a casual date is involved. After all, when a casual encounter is involved, it is not uncommon to meet the person online, meet them in person, have dinner, and end up in bed together all in under 24 hours. Having the ability to be able to set everything up with speed and dispatch is a plus.

That being said, here are some places that make for ideal locations to take a casual date in Baltimore.

1. B&O American Brasserie

Baltimore Casual Date Location 1 - B&O American Brasserie

This bar is the perfect place to meet a potential casual date for the first time. It is located inside the Hotel Monaco Baltimore which makes it a perfect setting to get to know each other better and if everything goes well then possibly moving things upstairs. Its signature drink for couples is a Line State punch served in a large mason jar for two. Trust us, one or two of those and both of you will be fully charged and ready for action.

Of course, if you want to have a meal, B&O American Brassiere also serves a nice selection of edibles. The pit beef sliders are a local favorite.

Visit B&O American Brasserie

2. Bad Decisions

Baltimore Casual Date Location 2 - Bad Decisions

It might sound odd to suggest taking a casual date to a place called “Bad Decisions,” but stocked with over 900 different types of liquor and with a food menu that is centered on everything related to bacon, how could you possibly go wrong by visiting Bad Decisions?

The atmosphere is perfect for two people getting to know each other. The service is friendly and impeccable. What more do you need to know? Oh, yes, we almost forgot — if you need further encouragement just think about their bacon wrapped pork wings, or their smoked and deep-fried pork shanks wrapped in bacon. Hell, even if your casual date for some reason were not to work out, at the very least you can achieve a gastronomic orgasm.

Visit Bad Decisions

3. Wit and Wisdom

Baltimore Casual Date Location 3- Wit and Wisdom

Undoubtedly, you are full of wit and wisdom. When in Baltimore there is no better way to display this to your casual date than by taking them to the Wit and Wisdom, a sophisticated bar located inside the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Baltimore. This makes the perfect setting if both you and your date wish to partake of an atmosphere that is both elegant and sophisticated.

The decor can be described as combining modern chic with stately overtones. The ambiance that is created is well suited as the place to meet your casual date for the first time. It allows you the option to move your date to another venue for dining within the same building, or cutting straight to the chase and going upstairs to your room.

Visit Wit and Wisdom

4. The Owl Bar

Baltimore Casual Date Location 4- The Owl Bar

The Owl Bar has been a staple for fun in Baltimore since 1903. Located in the Mount Vernon section of town, it is situated inside the historic Belvedere Hotel. If you like historic bars with an eclectic appeal, this classic bar is definitely for you.

No matter what time of day you’re meeting your casual date — be it afternoon, evening, or late at night — The Owl Bar will offer a lively setting to have a few drinks, chat, and sample some of their tasty appetizers such as fried pickles.

If you need a further idea of what to expect from the Owl, consider this fact — F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of “The Great Gatsby,” used to frequent the place as a young man. The atmosphere and the soul of the place are in tune with that era. If you have ever wondered about how thrilling it would have been to spend time in a speakeasy during the Roaring Twenties, the Owl will give you a very good idea.

The Owl Bar also comes with the benefit that if you want to have a more formal bite to eat all you have to do is go upstairs to the “13th floor.” That is the name of the restaurant located on the top floor of the building. It offers wonderful scenic views of Baltimore.

For stylish fun, there is no place like The Owl Bar.

Visit The Owl Bar

— Baltimore Motels and Hotels Perfect for Your Casual Encounter —

Unless your casual encounter ends with you going to your date’s place, you will have to make sure that you have an inviting place to take your casual date in order to make everything worthwhile. Baltimore offers you a variety of luxurious, as well as inexpensive options, when it comes to hotel and motels.

— High End Options —

First, the luxury options. If you are an attentive reader you will notice that two of these hotels also happen to house two of the places that we recommended in the “places to take your casual date” section. Talk about dating efficiency, eh?

1. Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore

Baltimore Hotel for Casual Sex 1 Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore

This is a luxurious boutique hotel located in the historic building that used to house the headquarters of the famed Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. With an elegant classical decor, you will easily feel like a railroad tycoon of yesteryear. This hotel will definitely impress your casual date. It sets an intimate yet fancy setting for a casual encounter.

It is just a 10-minute walk from the Inner Harbor and even less to the National Aquarium. This makes it well suited not only for your casual encounters but also as your home base for your entire stay in Baltimore.

Visit Kimpton Hotel Monaco

2. Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore

Baltimore Hotel for Casual Sex 2 Four-Seasons

Located along Baltimore’s waterfront, the Four Seasons in Baltimore truly pulses out five-star luxury from every nook and cranny. With a well-trained staff ready to pamper you and your casual date, the Four Seasons makes a perfect spot for an unforgettable casual encounter.

If you happen to need added “inspiration” for your evening, its rooms offer excellent scenic views of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor easily helping to set the mood for a night of intense passion.

Visit Four Seasons Hotel

3. Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Hotel

Baltimore Hotel for Casual Sex 3 Royal Sonesta Harbor Court

If you or your date appreciate traditional style and class, the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Hotel located on the waterfront and a short walking distance from the business district is definitely for you. The interior is excellently appointed wrapping you in luxury from the lobby to your room. There is no way not to impress your date if you spend the night at this hotel.

Visit Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Hotel

— Low-Cost Options —

Okay, now for some more budget-oriented hotel and motel options. After all, a memorable casual encounter does not require you to spend a king’s ransom on a room.

1. Sleep Inn and Suites Downtown

Baltimore Hotel Casual Sex 4 Sleep Inn and Suites Downtown

This property is proof that you don’t need to pay through the roof to find comfortable lodging near the famed Inner Harbor. With rates starting below $100, the Sleep Inn offers you an excellent option to stay near the trendiest parts of Baltimore — definitely enough to wow your date — while not having to get a second mortgage on your home to afford it.

Visit Sleep Inn and Suites Downtown

2. La Quinta Inn and Suites Downtown

Baltimore Hotel for Casual Sex 5 La Quinta Inn and Suites Downtown

The La Quinta Inn is yet another property that comes in with rates under $100. Located in downtown Baltimore, it places you near all of the city’s main attractions and night spots while offering affordable lodging during your entire stay in Baltimore.

Visit La Quinta Inn and Suites Downtown

3. Days Inn Glen Burnie

Baltimore Hotel Casual Sex 6 Days Inn Glen Burnie

Located outside of the city center but still, no more than a 10-minute drive from the Inner Harbor, the Days Inn Glen Burnie is a perfect place for a casual encounter. Located outside of the hustle and bustle and convenient to access — especially if your date is coming from the Baltimore suburbs — this Days Inn is affordable and convenient.

Visit Days Inn Glen Burnie

4. Motel 6 Baltimore West

Baltimore Hotel Casual Sex 7 Motel 6 Baltimore West

Of all the Motel 6s in Baltimore, this one is the best situated. Located just off I-695, it allows for easy and private access from any point in the city. It is ideal when money is tight or when absolute discretion is required by your date.

Highly affordable, clean, and with modern amenities, this Motel 6 can easily serve as your personal love nest while in Baltimore.

Visit Motel 6 Baltimore West

— Conclusion —

There are many reasons that people come to Baltimore. The one thing that you can rest assured about is that whatever the main reason is for your visit, you can certainly add a side note of pleasure to your trip by meeting a local for a Baltimore casual encounter. By using the hookup platforms that are popular with the local Baltimore population your chances of having a memorable no-strings-attached experience are extremely high. Dare we say, as much as a “sure thing” as is humanly possible.

With a lovely and open-minded population coupled with a friendliness that permeates throughout the entire region, Baltimore has plenty to offer when casual encounters are involved. If a trip to Baltimore is in your future, take heed of what you read here. It will definitely provide you with the insight that you need to ensure that you have one hell of a good time. You may even want to consider staying in Baltimore even if your business originates in Washington D.C. or other nearby areas.